Experiments in Free Writing #2

Apparently I was feeling a little morbid today, which is hardly surprising since it is my default setting. So far I am enjoying these quick writing sessions. I did this one at the start of my lunch break at work. I went straight from organising invoices, took two minutes to clear my mind, and put pencil to paper. Perhaps the heartless contagion is my day job, and becoming an entity my unconscious desire to break free of it? What do you think? Let me know below in the comments.

Free Writing Exercise #2 – 21.11.2017 (5 mins)

Heartless contagion that saps the strength of bones and sinew comes creeping with stealthy wings. It settles over me, drowning any sense of purpose I had. These were my last moments, the snatches of time before the universe decided I was needed for loftier things. As yet, I am unaware of what they may be. I am an entity, floating in the vast electromagnetic sphere of universal consciousness. A vibration comes to me. Is it a thought from the living? A plea from the dying? I did not plead my case, I knew when time was up. But there was no fear, no horror to it, merely a change in circumstance. One moment there was breath and blood pumped, and then there was freedom. We are all energy, and energy can never be destroyed, simply transformed. So I changed my existence, that is all. One costume for another, this one without flesh. Who knows where I may be led, or even if I might lead? Look up, see all of us in invisible swarms, all that has been and all that ever will be.

free writing 2

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