Experiments in Free Writing #3

Once again, I did this exercise in my lunch break at work. Today I swapped from a financial spread sheet to pencil on paper. I thought I would try something different to the last two exercises. I set myself an intention using one word after I had cleared my mind. Does that mean I am cheating? Today it was quite broad, I just thought story, and wondered what would come out. I believe this entry (and #2) was influenced by a discussion I’ve been involved with on Facebook about why some people use the term ‘passed’ to describe a person’s death. Another thing, character names; I usually like to have some meaning behind my character names and take a while before I hit on the right one. This time, the name just popped into my head in a couple of seconds. I don’t even know if I spelled the surname right, but I promised no editing or corrections.

Do you think it is okay to set an intention when free writing? How do you name your characters? Do they just come to you, or do you research them with purpose? Let us know below.

Free Writing Exercise #3 – 22.11.17 (6 mins)

Ash and fragments of grey bone. That is all that remained of Frances Coruthers afterwards. There was no ceremony, no wailing and pulling of hair. Just a body, shoved like an old witch into a roaring fire. You can’t use a normal fire to burn a body, it doesn’t get hot enough. You’ll end up with a BBQ. No, you need a proper one, with a proper oven. I made one, years ago, out the back of my camp house in the woods. Everyone thought it was a pottery kiln. I made sure I did plenty of pottery. I’m quite good at it, and sell my wares at the local market. But that wasn’t the first purpose of the furnace. You could say making pottery was my hobby, and burning bodies my trade, even though I made my money the other way around. Only thing with burning bodies, is you have to kill them first. I don’t really like that part. I did a live one once, made a hell of a racket. So now I just drug them up and shove them in, all peaceful-like. Then I’ll sit in my rocker, well away from the heat, and watch the show. Night is best, all the wonderful colours that roar up and out of the flue.


free writing 3

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