Experiments in Free Writing #4

I’m a bit late with this one, I got distracted by RL and had to attend to some day job issues. No matter how much you like writing, never forget you most likely have responsibilities that should not be shirked or pushed down the priorities ladder.

I didn’t set an intention for this one, the intention came to me, literally.

Free Writing Exercise #4 – 23.11.2017

It is everywhere and cannot be escaped. The all pervasive thing that floats and sticks and finds its way into all objects. One may think they have solved the riddle, spent countless hours purging the substance. Yet it remains. No respite, no running from it. Day after day, the problem is compounded. The only solution, which many sufferers will refuse to acknowledge is to remove the cause. This is not possible. How can one remove something that is essentially a part of them? A thing that is there on waking and there when sleep takes hold? A thing that even makes its way into dreams or creeps into the very bed to curl against human warmth? A thing that in the best circumstance is put above one’s own needs, for it is child-like and cannot communicate as a human would. Yet there is no denying its capability of communication, accomplished either by some form of Vulcan mind meld or basic telepathic ken. It is here now, with me, sat beside, staring with that all knowing eye. It is my cat, and her unfortunate abundance of FUR.


free writing 4

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