Experiments in Free Writing #7

This is the final experiment. It has been an interesting experience. I can’t say I’ve come up with any ideas for stories or novellas through doing it, but it was rather cathartic. I think it was more of a journal-like purge than brainstorming of ideas. Perhaps that will change if I continue it. I might get to a point where all my ‘blah blah blugh’ fizzles out and the real thoughts begin.

I wrote this early in the morning before my joints got moving. I think it illustrates that for some people, even the most simple of tasks, such as swinging your legs out of bed in the morning, are not done on autopilot, but have to be thought through. RA has made me very good at mindfulness. So, here we go.

Free Writing Exercise #7 – 26.11.17

There are things I must do, but my body is unwilling. There is pain. My feet ache like boiled clams, when I stretch them, a poker sticks behind my left knee and lodges. There is a porcupine in my lower spine that bristles its quills with every move. I have not yet stood. I use the tops of my night-socks, grasped in my stiff fingers to drag my legs to the floor. I procrastinate, rubbing my knees, feeling the crepitus shift of things beneath my knee caps. The odd click and grind of bone of bone. I set my feet, shoulder length apart, lean one hand beside me, reach out with the other for the grab rail. I breathe, a large breath in, three times. I lean back, another breath. Then out, out, out, all the way as I push and pull. A breath control trick, harsh pain is lessened by outward breath. I am halfway to standing, clinging to things about me. I push again, my legs creak like an old door hinge. I am up. I take a moment. More breath. My walking trolley is three feet away. I shuffle to it, supported by a coffee table. Then the sturdy rails are in my hands. I gather some things, a cup, a water bottle, my e-reader, my bag with medication. I take the cup to the kitchen and set it in the sink. I fill the water bottle and return it to my trolley. Wet washing from the machine goes beside it. Two birds with one stone. Five steps to the kettle. Water in the pot. Press the button. Fill the dryer as water boils. Each move planned and accounted for.

free writing 7

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