Creative Plans for 2018

What will I be up to this year?

We’re nearly a twelfth of the way through 2018, already. It’s taken me just over a year to get my website up and running to a point where it’s more maintenance than creation. I’m nearly ready to put out my first full publication. This year is going to be busy for me as a writer and entrepreneur. The easiest way to get through it will be to set clear intentions as you would with any business, and we all know indie writing is a business. So this year I intend to:

  1. Publish my short horror collection.
  2. Write and publish the first two novellas of my archaeological adventure series.
  3. Collate and publish the companion bonus pack to the archaeological adventure series.
  4. Write a non-fiction book introducing the realities of archaeology to indie authors.
  5. Transcribe and publish my grandfather’s world travel journal from 1966.

These goals are achievable because I laid the foundation for them in 2017. To summarise:

  1. The short horror collection

pass new spread 27.1.18

This collection in the final stage of development. The cover design is done, the majority of stories are written and formatted, one story is being offered as a giveaway on my website as an introduction with an animated gif advertisement, other stories have excerpts available to read, and a book trailer video is up and running.

I had hoped to get this publication out there by the end of January, but unfortunately, RL has played a role and I’ve been diverted by my day job, my arthritis, and preparing to move house at the end of February. I’m looking at March, but it may be sooner, fingers crossed.

2. The archaeological adventure series

alastor snake

The titles and covers for each novella have been decided and designed. The basic outlines have been written. The main characters have been developed and fleshed out. The introductory chapters have been first drafted. I plan to devote three months to the writing of each novella through the year with the first hopefully available toward the middle of the year and the second available at the end of the year.

3. The companion bonus pack

kamryn and alex evening clothes labry bull horn pendant-key

I’ll start with a little explanation. When I write, I often use graphic design and 3D design to illustrate characters, places and objects from the stories I create. I keep this material in a development folder. At the moment I have numerous full-colour designs of original artwork, objects, maps and architectural plans associated with this series. I’ve designed a basic layout. The intention is to give an ‘inside the author’s mind’ view of the novellas as they grew from my imagination. I hope this generates interest in the stories and makes me more accessible as an author to readers. Plus it’s free.

4. Archaeology for Indie Authors


I knew I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was eleven and found some seashells buried in my back garden. How did they get there? Why were they so far from the sea? How long had they been there? What were they for? I was fortunate enough to be able to pursue that goal, and for eight years I studied and worked as an archaeologist in Australia and the Oman Peninsula. Rheumatoid arthritis put a stop to it, and I ended up with a normal desk job instead of flying all over the world digging up dead bodies and ancient cities. Yet I am grateful I was given the opportunity to do something many people wish they could do but never have the chance.

I know what it feels like to hold a four-thousand-year-old human skull in my hands or uncover tools that were last used in the Iron Age. I’ve excavated mudbrick fortification walls, dug up bronze daggers, and catalogued thousands of burial artefacts. I’ve even dug up old toilet pits while someone was testing the deposit for evidence of plague bacteria.


These experiences are humbling, and as a writer and a reader, I feel ashamed when I read how some writers treat archaeology simply out of ignorance or lack of research.

There will always be one reader who spots the bit of text where the author has winged it, and that is bad writing. The experiences I have had aren’t doing much good sitting in my head, so I intend to combine my two loves and write a brief writer’s guide to archaeology. This will cover the basics so indie authors can write about the profession without making big mistakes.

So far I’ve structured the contents page with headings and subheadings. I have a plan, and it should essentially write itself when I block out a period of time to sit and put a finger to keyboard. I’ll also include a bibliography and an up to date further reading list for those who wish to know more.

5. My Grandfather’s travel journals


In 1966 my grandfather, grandmother, and my mother went on a trip through Europe. My grandfather kept extensive journals of these travels. They sat in various garages in Australia for decades. A couple of months ago my step-mother sent them to me in the UK. My grandfather was a good writer and I often wonder if this is where I got my love of storytelling from. Rather than let his writing sit and rot away for another fifty years I thought it might be of interest to people who enjoy reading travel articles or memoirs. I also have quite a collection of associated photographs to go along with it so it will be an illustrated travel memoir. It will clearly be for a niche audience, and even if it does not sell, it will be good to write it all up for posterity.

There it is, a rundown of the things I would like to achieve in 2018. They should result in six or eight publications. Having written it out, it sounds like a tall order, but if I knuckle down and get my butt in the chair, anything is possible.

You can find out more about me and my writing by visiting

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