Another Look at Canva

Yes, I have been known to change my mind, on occasion…

I’ve been thinking recently about advertising since I am getting ready to publish my short horror collection. I’ve been reviewing ways and means, and despite what some people say I’ve decided to get some adverts ready for Facebook for the release in March. I chose Facebook as one of my advertising platforms because I spend a reasonable amount of time on there catching up with family and friends overseas as well as maintaining a page for my day job business, so it is always on in the background of some device close at hand.

In the past, I have said I did not like Canva, but the last time I was pottering about with it, I couldn’t help but notice it had pre-sizedĀ templates for Facebook. I didn’t think much of it because I was trying to create a book cover and it wasn’t turning out so well, and I was grumpy. But it must have stuck in my head somewhere, as I woke up at 4am this morning with Canva on my mind. Alternatively, my subconscious was setting me up for procrastination as most of today was booked as writing time and resting my arthritic joints.

Despite the threat of procrastination, I went back to Canva this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I did, however, upload my own graphics, I only used Canva’s layout and text tools. It was the graphics I was having such an issue with the first time around. I played around for a couple of hours and created a few versions of an ad, testing out wording and colouring. I then got into the flow a bit and updated the cover for my Facebook author page. I was pleased it slotted straight in at the size it was supposed to be rather than fighting with it for a while. So I ploughed ahead a little further and drew up a graphic for the first two novellas of a series I plan to release mid-year and towards the end of the year respectively. That turned out ok too, again, uploading my own graphics and just using Canva’s layout tools.

I can now say after a full morning pottering about that I have changed my opinion of Canva. I would even say I might be tempted to upgrade at some point in the future. I think I’ll still use GIMP and Inkscape for detailed work, but for simple, clear ads or social media graphics, I am happy to play with Canva. I don’t think the work itself is anything I couldn’t have done with my current tools, but it was much quicker and I didn’t have to worry about sizing, which is the big bonus that swayed me the most.

Here are a few of the basic layouts I slapped together this morning.

Need a creepy fix_

get your creep on

smoky alastor snake

Do you use Canva? What things do you create? Let us know in the comments. If you want to give Canva a go, you can play with it at

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