Feeding Creativity

A bit of back story. Publishing my first collection of short horror stories has coincided nicely with my father and step-mother making the trip over to England from Australia so I could take a bit of a break. When they come over, they like to drive around and see all the green that is England rather than the drought riddled countryside of Australia.

I live on Derbyshire’s doorstep, which is nothing but green, and purple, and yellow, depending on what is growing. Today we killed two birds with one stone. We simply pointed the car west and thirty minutes later my folks were able to satisfy their greenery craving, and I was able to feed my creative well.

As writers, we need to stop every so often and refuel. It isn’t that the ideas have gone away, they just need a bit of a helping hand to come to the surface. We can become too stuck in our own heads or have spent so much time on a project it is all we can think about. For me, getting out into the countryside is like clearing the cobwebs. I return to my writing refreshed and invigorated even if I only spent three hours out and about.

What do you guys do to feed your creativity or fill your creative well?

Travelling towards Eyam, Derbyshire on a minor road.
Sheep with a heather backdrop.
I love dry-stone walls. This one needs a bit of a helping hand.
A random red phone box in Foolow, Derbyshire. They do still exist!

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One thought on “Feeding Creativity

  1. I find the outdoors creatively stimulating as well. So much so, that I think my next computer purchase (whenever that will be) will be a laptop so I can sit outside on the porch and write. Great post!

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