Book Photography and Curious Cats

Over the weekend I started pottering about with the portable photographic studio I picked up the other day.

It was an interesting learning curve, hampered by my critters, who either thought it was a new bed, or just wanted to show off. Cat fur shines like a beacon under lights and I have discovered the studio acts as a fur super magnet, pulling fur out of the air, even if the critters are not around. Sticky rollers are now a staple on my shopping list.

So tired…this looks like a good bed.

The main reason I bought the studio was to photograph some of my book collection and share the kinds of things I enjoy reading or using for research. In turn, this might spark an interest in others or help fellow indie authors by giving them a heads up for research starters.

I began with a vampire book and moved on to some witchy things.

I tried for some ghost books, but my black cat, Joxer, got in the way. He ended up posing for the camera.

I am fascinated by forensic pathology, probably a remnant of my archaeological past. Consequently I have quite a few books by forensic pathologists. They are highly useful for writing my psychological horror stories, especially the one by Val McDermid.

I also have a thing for true crime and serial killers…net necessarily what they have done, but why they did it. What motivates someone to do horrendous things to someone else? These few books help answer that question, although I am pretty certain none of them used my kitchen knife.

So now I have a new hobby. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it gives me something to do while I am stewing story ideas; and bad because I might get carried away with it and not actually write. I shall have to monitor myself. I can also see myself haunting charity shops hunting for suitable props. One thing remains, however, it is fun.

Do you have a new hobby or take book photos? Tell us about it in the comments.

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