Writing in More Than One Genre

Conventional writing wisdom states you should pick a genre and stick to it. Typically this would be the genre you enjoy most. Love reading fantasy? Write fantasy. Adore romance? Pen a love story. 

I’m going to upset the apple cart. What happens if you enjoy multiple genres? Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, historical, lesfic, action, war, crime…I love reading it all. 

I also love writing it.

Why should I constrain my imagination just because someone somewhere decided it would be murderous to my author brand if I wrote in more than one genre? Not that I have a massive brand at the moment, I’m a work in progress.

That someone somewhere says:

  • I will confuse readers.
  • I could shock sci-fi fans if they pick up a book and discover lesbians.
  • I will spread myself too thin across different markets.
  • Various algorithms won’t know what to do with me. 
  • I will end up with so many pen names no one will know who I am.

Firstly, I think readers have enough brain cells to differentiate between aliens and lesbians on a cover or in a blurb – fair enough, both are out of this world, but for completely different reasons.

Secondly, who says I’ll market under different names? 

My author brand is polygenre – or will be once I get a few more things under my belt. If that freaks out some people then I’m just not their cup of tea. 

There are millions of readers in this world. I’m sure I’ll find mine, whatever their fancy. 

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